Nothing is more beautiful than two people saying yes to eternal love and the promise to spend their life together. The wedding rings symbolise this endless bond. 


The wedding is all about two very special people. Two people who love each other deeply and want to share everything. We believe in eternal love and shared happiness, which is why we invite you to create your very own wedding rings with us. Let us know what you have in mind and we will find a way to make it happen

MOUNTAIN wedding rings

STRUCTURED wedding rings

STAMPED wedding rings

STAMPED wedding rings

FACETTED wedding rings

MELTED wedding rings

CHUNKY wedding rings

HAMMERED wedding rings

DOUBLE BAND wedding rings

Every one is different, so is every ring.

Those rings we show are inspirational, a suggestion of what could be made for you. We believe that every couple is a one and only, therefore their wedding rings should be so too. 
Our wedding rings are made through a melting and moulding process. This way the melted metal is poured into the mould and spreads inside taking its shape, creating a unique solid piece without end nor beginning. Like love, that comes to us and spreads throughout filling our life with this feeling of being everlasting in each other.

Wedding rings by uname design. GLAJAS and GLAJUS in the wedding edition. Perfect day. Eternal Love. UNAME. Handcraft Germany