KYNAĀ earrings

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Elevate your spiritual style with these raw Kyanite silver earrings. Crafted to enhance your energetic connection, each earring features uncut Kyanite stones set in sterling silver. The raw, organic beauty of Kyanite harmonizes with the minimal silver setting, creating a spiritually inspired accessory that radiates both mystique and modernity. Embrace the energy of these earrings for a unique and meaningful adornment.

Product Information

Raw Kyanite tips. 
925 recycled silver. 
Oxidised and carved surface. 

Size or Dimensions

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Length: 70mm
Width: 13mm
Hoop diameter: 25mm

Weight: 6g (each)

Further Information

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Handcrafted from recycled silver or gold.
One of a kind piece. 
Crystals are sensitive natural creations and can break by contact with hard surfaces, heat, or pressure. The colors may slightly differ from the picture.  Small alterations are possible, please use the contact form. 
Delivery time is 7-10 days.

Stone meaning

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A serene blue jewel, Kyanite possesses profound healing attributes. Its unique ability to align the chakras instantly induces a sense of calm, while promoting mental clarity and focus. Unlike many crystals, Kyanite never requires cleansing, acting as a perpetual energy stabilizer. This crystal is renowned for enhancing communication skills, fostering loyalty, and encouraging self-expression. Embrace the tranquil energy of Kyanite as it guides you on a journey towards balance, serenity, and holistic well-being.