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We found ourselves inspired by old times shamans who believed labradorite stone able to bring us knowledge beyond our imagination. 
Enchanting refraction of colours that play together as if of real movement we were talking. This same way play together each individual silver piece connected to the next one around the wearer's neck to flow as light flows through the natural cracks inside the labradorite structure. Flow of light which brings unique refractions that will never repeat in the same way in two stones.
We'd like to think it is a portrait of our very human nature. We all shine. And we all do it in our own and unique way.

Made out of sterling silver 925, a pure material, a precious metal. Just like your soul, just like your memories.


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Height: 11.5mm
Width:  100mm 
Length: 240mm

Weight: 86g

Product Details

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Products may defer from the picture. Because every piece is handcrafted, none can be exactly like the other.

The product is made of 925 Sterling Silver. As it is a precious material please treat your jewelry with care and love. Wear marks will appear after a while and will make the product even more special. Sometimes the color of silver jewelry could get bit black (normal oxidation) you can clean your jewelry with a special silver cleaning cloth.

We offer to make every piece in 14k or 18k white/yellow gold. As the price for gold is very high we offer as well gold plating for our necklaces, bracelets and earrings. This will be a custom-made product only for you. Please contact us per mail to info@unamedesign.com.

Special Instructions

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All of our jewelry is made by hand in our workshop. For us, jewelry is something very personal, that's why we make each piece once the order is placed. As we are a small company, please allow us some time to finish your unique jewelry. We will try to ship your order ASAP but please allow us a 1-3 weeks window.
In case you need your jewelry on a certain date, or a customised piece contact us to

The customer is responsible for the payment of all duties or taxes imposed by the destination country for delivery. For custom-made jewelry we only accept in advance payment and we have a strict no return policy.

Make sure you know your ring size before ordering. in this case size matters, and just a few mm could be a big difference. Our ring sizes are measure on the diameter, if you use another scale you can compare HERE.