ICEAĀ collection

Immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of our jewelry collection inspired by the enchanting world of perpetual ice and the majesty of icebergs. Each piece captures the mesmerizing play of lights reflected in ice, bringing a touch of otherworldly elegance to your style. Our designs echo the spiritual meaning of quartz crystals, sourced with care and intention. Just as ice remains resilient through time, these crystals symbolize strength and clarity, imparting a sense of balance and harmony. Every necklace, ring, and earring in this collection is a wearable ode to the serene and everlasting allure of ice, blending the earthly elegance of crystals with the timeless beauty of nature. Elevate your look with a touch of transcendence, embracing the symbolic significance and enchanting aesthetics of our Perpetual Ice jewelry collection.

Clear Quartz, often referred to as the "Master Healer," is a versatile and powerful crystal renowned for its profound healing properties. As a magnifier of energy, it amplifies the intentions and energies of other stones, making it an essential component in crystal healing. Clear Quartz is believed to promote clarity of thought, purify energy fields, and enhance spiritual awareness. It is thought to balance and align the chakras, promoting overall well-being and vitality. Emotionally, it is said to bring about emotional balance, dispel negativity, and foster inner strength.

Tourmalated Quartz is a unique crystal that combines the purifying properties of Clear Quartz with the protective and grounding energy of Black Tourmaline. This distinctive blend is believed to create a powerful synergy, effectively clearing and purifying one's energy field while offering protection against negative influences. It is thought to harmonize yin and yang energies, bringing balance to the body, mind, and spirit. Emotionally, Tourmalated Quartz is said to release stress, promote mental clarity, and enhance spiritual growth. Additionally, it is believed to aid in overcoming self-destructive patterns, making it a valuable ally on the journey to healing and self-discovery.