UNAMĒ jewelry is made by Ronja Mende and Augusto Talpalar. 

An artist couple united by the fascination for ancient cultures and the handcrafting work. 
 Together they found an equilibrium between the thoughtful design and the emotional artistic impulses. Thus, this perfect balance is shown on each of our pieces.






„My deep fascination with the creative process has always been a part of me, and this passion extends to the world of jewelry and design. 
I grew up in an environment that balanced the tranquility of the forest with the creativity of a workshop.


After a year that greatly inspired me, I embarked on an apprenticeship to become a goldsmith, aiming to master the intricate techniques behind the art of jewelry making. Alongside this, I pursued studies in product design and eventually earned a master's degree in interior design. These experiences provided me with a broader understanding of the creative process, emphasizing the fortune of being both a creator and designer in one.


Throughout my journey, my primary focus has consistently been on the art of handcrafting and bringing my unique ideas to life. Upon completing my master's degree, I returned to my roots, once again immersing myself in the world of precious materials and working within a workshop filled with wonder and an atmosphere of freedom.


The motto "be the change you want to see" resonates deeply with me, inspiring me to create jewelry and designs that reflect the positive changes I wish to bring to the world.”


„Born in the beautiful coastal city of Mar del Plata, Argentina. 

Ever since I was a child, I found myself captivated by the world of Design. Sketching buildings, studying their forms, and exploring the interplay of space, light, and materials became my passion. My goal is to create spaces and Designs that not only serve practical purposes but also touch the souls of those who experience them.


In addition to that, I have a profound curiosity about spirituality and the mysteries of existence. I've dedicated my life to exploring various spiritual traditions, seeking a deeper understanding of the human experience and the connection between the material and the metaphysical.


My guiding philosophy is that life itself is the ultimate teacher. Every experience, whether positive or challenging, is an opportunity for personal growth. I see the world as my canvas, and each day as a chance to craft and refine the masterpiece of my own existence.


As an artist, I infuse my unique perspective into everything I do, whether I'm designing a piece of jewelry, meditating in a serene sanctuary, or simply living my daily life. My journey is an ever-evolving masterpiece, shaped by my exploration of art, spirituality, and the expierence of life.“