UNAME jewelry is made by Ronja Mende and Augusto Talpalar. 

An artist couple united by the fascination for ancient cultures and the handcrafting work. 
 We both together found an equilibrium between the thoughtful design and the emotional artistic impulses. Thus, this perfect balance is shown on each of our pieces.


My fascination for jewelry and design started already in Highschool.
I grew up playing in the workshop next door. After an inspirational year, I started my apprenticeship to become a proper goldsmith in combination with a Bachelor in product design. My focus was always on the handcrafting part and the realisation of my very own ideas. After a Master in Interior Design I came back to the roots, back to work with precious materials in a workshop full of wonder and freedom in the air. Happy to make jewelry that will become part of others' lives.

"be the change you want to see" 


The artist in art eternal is. So go and make a master piece out of your life. Let yourself enjoy, and create great memories everywhere you go.
Be stopped by nothing nor no one. And be always up for adventure flowing with the natural forces of the universe that will lead us to where we should be, when we should be. Be in every situation humble enough to learn, and respectful enough when it comes to teach.
My life is about that. And that has taken me to many places around the world. Places which have left many impressions in me, many wonderful learnings, many wonderful people. They all live in me, and talk through my art.
Cause after all we are no more than a collection of ideas, thoughts, decisions, events echoing everyday in our very own voice.

"Ars longa vita brevis"