The motivation behind our work lies in the magic that arises from the creation of the new and never seen. From being playful and feeling free in the way we make the world our own place. 
We love the handcrafting part in our work.The atmosphere in the workshop and the transformation of raw materials into something beautiful. 
Jewelry is, in our understanding, so much more than just a beautiful object. It is a companion, a talisman and the treasure for our best experiences. Our jewelry is part of every moment in life. It is the beauty of its shape and the quality of the material what makes jewelry so special to us. We love to see the joy our jewelry brings to the faces around the globe, how our pieces get filled with your memories.

For us, handcrafting and quality go hand by hand. So does the dedication of carving by hand every ring, every necklace or Bracelet, with love for you. That is why every piece is unique. And here is where our motivation comes from. To give a more personal alternative than the commercial products do.

We feel very thankful for this chance to become part of you.                                                                        


There is always a why in the beginning of every story. We are both convinced of the slow fashion movement, and have the urge to take part in that. To show the world there are other and better ways to create fashion.  

Working with precious materials brings a big responsibility as well as producing goods. Therefore, those have to be as sustainable as possible. We have the vision to create jewelry that lasts through loving handcrafted work and unique pieces to give to everyone the importance and attention they need. Same to mother earth. 
Silver is one of the few materials that, once sourced, have an almost eternal lifespan. We decided to go this extra step and use only recycled silver to hurt the earth as least as possible, and to close the chain cycle of the material.

In nowadays context, veganism, transparency and a clean recycling process are some the most important pillars to produce fashion garments  in a sustainable way

With UNAME we created our own dream, our own policies and values. A brand we are proud to be the founders. 


Our inspiration, we find t inn the four elements, ancient tribal jewelry and native styles. Living in the moment but going back in time to find encouragement, incentive, influence in old techniques and tribal pattern. 
We love to go back to the roots of artisanal jewelry and armoury making. We love to combine silver with strong natural crystals such as quartz, turmaline, labradorite, among others. Along with the ancient spirit, modern design and craftsmanship find their unity. 

The UNAME team.