We as a brand choose silver as our main material. Nevertheless, in its work process silver posses very similar properties to those of other precious metals. 
We work with 925 Sterling Silver or Gold. 


UNAME is handmade by Ronja Mende and Augusto Talpalar. We work with sandcasting, waxing and classical goldsmithing techniques. The most interesting part is found in the synthesis of traditional methods with experimental working processes. Our feelings and emotions at the moment of creating a piece represent a big part of the final result.

All our designs are 100% made in our Atelier in Würzburg. 

Our metal source is a certified silver and gold recycling facility,

Hanauer Schmuckhalbzeug GmbH, located in Hanau, Germany.

925 Silver  

Silver in its pure way is extremely soft to be used for jewelry. Therefore it needs to be combined with an alloy.
Our silver contains 925 parts of silver and 75 parts of copper. (thus, the name 925 Silver)
It's important to remark that 925 silver and Sterling silver are actually two different names for the same alloy, being equal in every other aspect.
Real Sterling silver(925) is 100% recyclable.

Silver can be recycled numerous times without losing its quality. A process that can be repeated forever. Only after an extensive amount of times of melting silver to be recycled is needed a very small amount of fresh silver for the quality to remain untouched. This makes Silver an incredibly sustainable material. 


Real Sterling Silver (925) is completely hypoallergenic.

On the contrary of the common beliefs, NO nickel (super allergen for the skin) is found in our High quality silver for jewelry.  


This Material is the most expensive and considered to be the most refined one for  jewelry production. 
Gold, you can have in different alloys. 8k, 14k and 18k. 
Depending on the alloy, you get a specific color. The most common alloy for a strong yellow color is 18k. This alloy consist out of 750 parts of gold combined with 250 parts of silver and copper, equally divided. 
The parts are always counted from 1000 (100%). Because of that, in Germany the 18k gold is mostly known as 750 gold. 

Like our silver, all the other metals we work with are certified recycling products from the Scheideanstalt in Hanau. 

Recycling to transform

We love to get old jewelry from our customers, recycle them and transform them into a new brilliant piece. We find this process completely enticing and satisfying. Through this we bring old memories back to a new life, to keep counting, to keep adding, to keep remembering.

Using fire for the melting process purifies the old memories and cleanses the energies of the jewelry and thus create space for the newcoming. 


We as Goldsmith Atelier only use recycled metals. 
Our source the Scheideanstalt  is a certified and verified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council `RJC/CoC` and is committed to 

  • conflict-free, precious metal processing company
  • social, ecological and economic responsibility according to the self-imposed by the ´Fachverband Edelmetalle e.V.´ laid down `Code of Conduct`
  • comply with basic ethical and environmental guidelines.