About Us

Welcome to the unamē world. We'd like to invite you to have a look behind the scenes of our young brand, and share with you who we are and what is the story behind our pieces. 
We are Augusto and Ronja, two sides of the same coin, two halves making one. Both with interior design background. One specialised in art and unique pieces. The other one, graduated in goldsmith and jewelry design. We are the unamē team.

The unamē team is a mixture of cultures inspired by the world around us. We share our passion for outstanding fashion and design aside from the mainstream. We are inspired by our trips around the world, the people we meet and the memories created through life and history. Living and believing in the unamē universe

The unamē universe is for us a dimension where everything is possible, where we are free to make our own decisions. Where making a mistake is not a failure but an opportunity to learn, evolve and design the life we want to live. This freedom of expression finds its outcome in our jewelry collections.