We are a sustainable jewelry brand based in Berlin, Germany. 
We work only with pure Materials, such as Gold and Silver, in combination with fair sourced minerals. 
We believe in slow fashion and the empowerment of handcrafting, in addition to 
a conscious and vegan consume. There is no such thing as sustainability without veganism. As well as, there is no such thing as FAIR if any sentient beings, no matter if human or animal, are abused, hurt or killed.
Making jewelry by hand gives a very unique style to each piece.
We see ourselves as free artists getting inspired by the world around us.


The name UNAME finds its origin in the "unnamed". The big unknown that is there yet to be discovered and explored. 
The "U" in our Logo stands for UNIQUE, And the Ē for EXCEPTIONAL. Because that is what we like to make – unique and exceptional pieces of silver jewelry. 
Through the name we express, as well, freedom. There is no actual need to give everything a name, a fixed definition- just follow your heart and live it.
Perhaps, the most particular fact about the name is that it showed itself in a dream Ronja was having. 
Art & Design
The Logo itself combines the two parts of us which are imprinted in our work. All over it, you’ll find this transition from Design to Art, and vice versa. A mix between two brush strokes full of emotion, in combination with the smart font design.


We love to create bold and unique statement pieces. Each of them loaded with feelings, ideas, and positive energy.
Our inspiration lays in nature’s four elements. Designs that can be felt like a flowing river, or molten lava. Melted surfaces which depict their relationship with fire. Oxidize ones, showing the presence of air. And silver itself coming to us from Mother Earth’s body. To that we add two extra elements. The 5th element being the human touch and the experiences we accumulate. And the 6th, our soul and its infinite, eternal, knowledge. 
One another big inspo for us relays in ancient tribal jewelry and native styles. From African, to Asian. From American to Nordic.
We work massive and solid. No hollow pieces whatsoever.
So, don’t be surprised by the heavy weight of our pieces.
We believe jewelry is meant to last. 
Therefore, we do not use any coatings or platings. The plating not only last for a short period, but also lessens the quality of the base material. Moreover, plated pieces cannot be recycled. So, once the piece is worn out, the cycle is over.
Due to ethical reasons, we do not use any animal products.
no leather, no pearls, no horn, no shells, etc.

Get to know us

UNAME is handmade by Ronja Mende and Augusto Talpalar. Find out more...


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As goldsmith atelier we work with precious materials such as silver and gold...




our work

When we think about jewelry, we create a bigger picture; the world through our imagination. Our products are always connected by an embracing collection. Each of them handcrafted and designed under the inspiration of a different theme, feeling, place ...
The time in the workshop is dusty, dirty and loud but chaos is order and destruction is creation, so that the result  is a shiny new piece of jewelry. It is a magical process to solder, bend and hammer the silver and let new forms and shapes arise. 

We work with our very own hands, therefore there cannot be two pieces exactly the same. There is always this little difference, that is about the handcrafting part. Our creations are free and always capture the feeling, the moment. 

We are very thankful for the opportunity life has given us to achieve our dream of having an own small jewelry label where we can decide every step and create every day something new.