Get to know the Team

UNAMĒ stands as a distinct jewelry collective founded by the creative partnership of Augusto from Argentina and Ronja from Germany. Their collaboration seamlessly fuses Latin American warmth and passion with German precision and craftsmanship, resulting in a rich tapestry of cultural influences.
Augusto, rooted in Argentina, draws inspiration from the country’s natural beauty, particularly the rough costal line of the wild Atlantic Ocean, which deeply influences his artistic vision. His work embodies a sense of history and liberation, celebrating the raw, unadulterated beauty of nature.
Ronja, grown up in Germany, brings a keen eye for detail and precision, reflecting the discipline and technical finesse of traditional craftsmanship. Her designs elegantly intertwine the intricate beauty of the natural world with the precision of German design, creating a unique synthesis of diverse cultural elements.
Together, Ronja and Augusto craft jewelry that tells a compelling story of unity through diversity, transcending geographical borders and cultural boundaries. Their Berlin-based Atelier serves as a creative melting pot, where innovative ideas are nurtured, concepts are refined, and raw materials are transformed into exquisite jewelry.
Their jewelry pieces express this duality, combining Latin American passion with German precision. They incorporate ancient shapes and avant-garde elements, using only recycled metals to minimize environmental impact. 
UNAMĒ celebrates the convergence of two distinct artistic worlds within Berlin’s dynamic backdrop. It represents a commitment to unity through diversity, innovation, and the continuous exploration of traditional jewelry design’s boundaries.

How everything Begung

There was a  dream of  freedom and creation...

There is always a why in the beginning of every story. In the case of UNAMĒ the urge to do something a different way, that resonated with our values. Both are convinced of the slow fashion movement, and had the need to take part in that. To show the world there are other and better ways to create fashion.  

Working with precious materials brings a big responsibility as well as producing goods. Therefore, those have to be as sustainable as possible. UNAMĒ has the vision to create jewelry that lasts through loving handcrafted work and unique pieces to give to everyone the importance and attention they need. 
Same to mother earth. 
Silver is one of the few materials that, once sourced, have an almost eternal lifespan. UNAMĒ decided to go this extra step and use only recycled metals.
In nowadays context, veganism, transparency and a clean recycling process are some the most important pillars to produce fashion  in a sustainable way.

With UNAMĒ they created their own dream, their own policies and values.


UNAMĒ loves to create bold and unique statement pieces. Each of them loaded with feelings, ideas, and positive energy.

The inspiration lays in nature’s five elements. Designs that can be felt like a flowing river, or molten lava. Melted surfaces which depict their relationship with fire. Oxidize ones, showing the presence of air. And silver itself coming to us from Mother Earth’s body. Ether, the 5th element being the universal energy and the experiences accumulated.One another big Inspirational part are ancient jewelry and forgotten techniques of making them. There lays so much mystery and raw beauty in imperfect perfections. 
UNAMĒ works massive and solid. No hollow pieces whatsoever.
So, don’t be surprised by the heavy weight of our pieces.
Jewelry is meant to last, collect memories and accompany you through life. 
Therefore, UNAMĒ does not use any coatings or platings. 
Due to ethical reasons, UNAMĒ does not use any animal products.
no leather, no pearls, no horn, no shells, etc.

THe Process

When thinking about jewelry, UNAMĒ creates a bigger picture; the world through their imagination. Their products are always connected by an embracing collection. Each of them handcrafted and designed under the inspiration of a different theme, feeling, place ...
The time in the workshop is dusty, dirty and loud but chaos is order and destruction is creation, so that the result  is a shiny new piece of jewelry. It is a magical process to solder, bend and hammer the silver and let new forms and shapes arise. 

UNAMĒ works with their very own hands, therefore each piece has its personal human touch. Their creations are to be considered wearable sculptural pieces of art, always capturing the feeling, the moment. 

Origin of the Name

The name UNAME finds its origin in the "unnamed". 
The big unknown that is there yet to be discovered and explored. 
The "U" in our Logo stands for UNIQUE, And the Ē for EXCEPTIONAL. 
Because that is what UNAMĒ makes – unique and exceptional pieces of jewelry. 
Through the name we express, as well, freedom. There is no actual need to give everything a name, a fixed definition- just follow your heart and live it.
Perhaps, the most particular fact about the name is that it showed itself in a dream Ronja was having. 
The Logo itself combines the two parts of us which are imprinted in all the collectives work. All over it, you’ll find this transition from Design to Art, and vice versa. A mix between two brush strokes full of emotion, in combination with the smart font design.